Welcome to SaigonNezumi.com, a blog focusing on the Expat Life of Kevin Miller, Jr., who currently resides in Almaty, Kazakhstan, but also spends 3-4 months in Saigon, Vietnam, each year.

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Ekotaxi and Komandir


I use the Komandir and Ekotaxi app to book my taxi on the weekends. It is very convenient way to take a taxi from my apartment to Almaty. The taxis are nice and clean, the drivers are very professional. Yes they can be pricey but it beats negotiating for a taxi sometimes. Posted from WordPress for Android Continue Reading

Claritin Prices (Saigon vs Almaty)


I bought about 10 boxes of Claritin in Saigon when I was there. Much cheaper there. Roughly $3.80 USD/box of 10.  In Almaty it is costs about $7.20/box. I know I can get it cheaper in Saigon but had no time to took. I heard I can get it down to $1 USD/box. Hmm, good business idea. Posted from WordPress for Android Continue Reading